New product – Cold Drying System

The drying process is the most natural method to preserve food. It well preserves most of enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts and if performed at lower temperatures it creates superior nal products. Our “cold” technology is based on cooling systems, which refrigerate air, dehydrate and heat it up to the temperature of 3 /°C with a  / % residual humidity. This process allows the rapid drying of your food products and keeps unaltered the phyto complex aroma, color and composition. Better organoleptic features, as to the aspect, avour and preservation, assure a product of superior value.

Officinal plants and spices: the cold-drying process of herbs quickly gives high-quality results. The liquid reaches the minimum level required in just 15 /20 hours.

Fruit and vegetables: through the cold-system, each type of fruit, for example apples, berries or citrus fruit, gives better results compared to traditional treatments. The quality obtained is better as to the aspect, consistency and avour. Also the cold-dried vegetables keep their original features; if subsequently rehydrated, they will show the same original dimension, colour and taste.

Pollen and honey: the cold-dried honey keeps its softness and colour. In just 12 hours the water is reduced without detrimental eects on its aspect and quality. As to honey, a dehumidier system provided with rotating discs is available.

Flowers and mushrooms: rose petals reach the required humidity level without signicantly losing the most volatile aromatic fractions, colour and original composition. The mushrooms are to be dried in less than 24 hours, remaining clear and tasty.

Liquids: the extraction liquids are very important and they are obtained from the food drying-process; the fractions of these last ones give many opportunities to enter new businesses. These liquids can be employed in the making of fruit juice, homogenized food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

The Physical Principle

Our cold-drying systems are based on the tested and effective physical principle of a dehumidier device associated with the constant air-ow in a sealed environment. A solid and soundproof container includes the whole device made of a refrigerant system, which dehydrates the air, and of a section leading to 3 /°C with a lowered residual humidity. The air is blown from the lower part in the loading compartment where the product to be dried is placed on several piled-up drawers. This innovative method is called Vaporization Chain System. The payload for each cycle depends on the model and ranges from 40 kg to 1200 kg of fresh product.

Some products dried by our machines: