About Us

Environmental and Equipment Technical Corporation (ENVITECH CORP) has a highly respected reputation in terms of environmental equipment and food engineering. ENVITECH CORP possesses a great team of individuals with expertise and experiences in food engineering technology transferal, environmental sanitization, water treatment, underground water exploitation, wastewater management, repair and installation of industrial thermo-mechanical equipment, import, export, processing, and manufacturing food-engineering machinery.

Our corporation is the successor of the Centre for Food Engineering Machinery under the Environmental Technology Company located at building no. 76 Hanoi University of Science and Technology. For mutual development, the Centre equitized and was renamed the Environmental and Equipment Technical Corporation with the Establishment Authorization issued on the 9th of June 2005 by the Planning and Investment Department of Hanoi.

The company consists of 03 departments: the General Administration, the Project Engineering and the Production. The Production department comprises 03 factories: the factory for Manufacture and Production, the Precise Mechanical and the Plastic Factory. The whole team has established a transparent administrative system boosting company turnover, quality and diversity of products.

Our officers are well-trained individuals from well-established institutions with 60% possess over 10 years working experience. With the slogan “Envitech Corp – Together we thrive”, each member contributes great effort to the development of the corporation. Moreover, it is noted that our officers and technicians work well as a team with highly rated expertise together with good interpersonal skills and each one of us is an indispensable part of building success.

As a corporation specialized in environment and food industry with qualified legal personnel, expertise in technical machinery, specialized equipment of the field, adequate financial capability and practical experience, ENVITECH CORP has constantly advanced to become a dominant corporation not only in Vietnam but also abroad, play a part in providing and maintaining a refreshing environment.